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Solutions that increase your revenue.

We create digital solutions for cafes and restaurants that help them succeed in digital space, increase their guest count and $.

UI/UX Design

We take our time to understand your problems, goals, and through that, we can create a solution with the right user experience in mind. We take the solution and turn it into a user-centered design.

Web Development

We create user-centered, long-lasting and effective website, which is accompanied with our content management system especially made for cafes and restaurants.

Social Media & Content

Our social media marketing and management services will make your audience relate to your brand easily. To back it up, we also do copywriting, photography and videography.


We go with principles

Personal Approach

No cafe or restaurant is the same. Everyone is different and everyone has their specific targets and needs. Personal approach us to understand the problem on a deep level and strike with a great solution.

Always thinking

Anything we do has to answer to the “why”, “how”, “what” questions. There can not be anything that doesn’t solve a problem. Problem-solving needs deep thinking and analyzing, and that’s what we’re great at.

Quality Over Quantity

Ever wondered why there are so many low-quality works? It’s because companies that do the work, emphasize its focus on quantity. For us, quality is far more important than quantity.

Innovation & Creativity

Since our team consists of young-minded and hard-working team players, we are brave enough to think about innovative & creative solutions that help to solve the problem.

Spork Media operates from Tallinn, Estonia

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