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Are Restaurant Websites Still Applicable in 2020? Part One.

Will restaurant websites remain important in 2020?

We worked closely with restaurants and we had a lot of listening. The most frequent question was – will restaurant websites remain important in 2020?

Let's get it straight first. The media landscape is increasingly evolving, newspapers are slowing down, people are watching less TV & more YouTube & Netflix. It may seem like it is getting harder and harder to get your message out. Advertising is more complicated.

How does advertisement apply to your website? A great website will attract a lot more potential visitors than any other medium of media will. A website's ROI is way better than other advertising strategies. Think about it – you don't have to buy airtime, newspaper ads, spend on social media advertising and what's best about it – your internet advertisement will reach exactly the people you like.

Spork Media Works

Don’t concentrate only on Facebook

It might sound like everyone is online, but what do you think everyone is doing on their phones, tablets, and computers? The existence of social media is significant but many cafes & restaurants still assume that Facebook is the only way to market itself. That is not the case and has never been.

Do you think that your visitors are spending time only on Facebook? As internet usage increases, Facebook numbers are actually slowly falling. Many Facebook old-time users are deleting their accounts because of privacy issues. That's all not to suggest Facebook isn't a precious place to advertise, they still have a lot of users on their website, and they shouldn't be overlooked at all. It's to be said that there's a lot more to Facebook.

You might be thinking that people find you because of your cool Facebook page, but sadly it's not the case. By saying that, a great website will get you more potential customers than your cool Facebook page, or even an Instagram page.

Websites are the foundation for a marketing campaign. Why?

If you don't have a website for your cafe/restaurant, you might be wasting your money. Your website should be at the heart of the marketing campaigns. You can advertise your restaurant through conventional advertising strategies, social media, pay per clicks, but your website should be the main place to get more information (read reviews, take a look at the menu), purchase something or make a reservation. All of that is very hard to accomplish if the website isn't built well & it's very hardly manageable.

Let's say your client is going to google for a restaurant to go out in the evening. As we already know, our future traveler would more likely be looking at your website than your Facebook or Instagram page. A good website using SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques provides your potential visitors with a place where they can get fast pieces of important information – operating hours, cuisine that you're offering, contact details, location, photos of the environment, and ability to make a reservation.