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Fredo Restaurants


Website Design & Development, Photography

Fredo is a restaurant chain that currently owns 2 (as of 22. April 2020) restaurants and provide catering service. Fredo approached us and told that they need to redesign their old website and develop one that would convert more potential customers. When Fredo approached us they went through strategic changes by deciding to offer only lunch services, which narrowed our target audience significantly.


Since Fredo was going through strategic changes, we quickly understood the point here – we need the easiest way to communicate with their local customers and new target audience. Fredo is a lunch restaurant, customers visit the website to take a look at their opening times, see the menu with today's offerings. It was also important for them to communicate with their locals about special events and offerings.

It was also important to target customers that are interested in organizing special events and catering service.

Packing all this together we came up with a plan to create a website, which would consist of next pages: Landing, 2x restaurant pages, Catering & Special Events, Special Offers, and Contact Us. We created 5 different layouts for Fredo.

Fredo Wireframes

Design & Development

Since the restaurant was mainly open for lunch customers, we took it as our target audience. We came up with a design that was mainly targeted at office workers – simple, minimal but welcoming. Since Fredo has its own loyal customer base, we needed to work with their customer tastes.

Fredo Homepage
Guru Website
Guru Website
Guru Website
Guru Website


Fredo needed some quality photographs of its new restaurant in Ülemiste City, we were ready to grab cameras into our hands, take some photos, retouch them and use them on the restaurant subpage.

Fredo Öpik
Fredo Öpik

The Result

Development of the website went well and we hit our target perfectly – high SEO rankings, fast loading times, ease of use, and statistically proven higher use of the website to see menu daily offers.

Fredo Catering

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