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Guru Restaurant


Website Design & Development, Photography, Social Media Marketing

Guru is an Indian cuisine fine-dining restaurant located right in the Tallinn city center, just on the side of the old town. Having such a great location it’s important to communicate with tourists, as well as locals. Being a new, stylish 2020 opened restaurant, you need to get along with nowadays technology and website standards. Guru asked us to photograph, design & develop a truly unique website, that would make you feel the magic of the Guru Restaurant.


A website isn’t really that catchy if you don’t use quality photography that describes your restaurant in its best way. Guru understood it completely and asked us to take a couple of pictures that they could share on its social media & website. The result was a pack of quality photography that they used in their social media accounts, ads, and a couple of them found their way to a local magazine.

Guru Foods 1
Guru Foods 2
Guru Foods 3

Website Design & Development

Having stepped in Guru, we quickly understood that they’re different – its modern, elegant, and beautiful quickly made us realize that we can use it through the website. We focused on photography first website, meaning that our strategy for catching the customer was through beautiful pictures, ease of use, and friendly tone.

After all, what’s the most important factor why customers decide if they want to come to your restaurant or not? It may be its looks, interesting food, and drink menus, quality photography, nice reviews. What’s the final step of catching the customer? To make him/her book a table.

Guru Wireframe 1
Guru Wireframe 2
Guru Wireframe 3

Since Guru’s target audience wasn’t really set then, we chose to primarily focus on locals and tourists. Since Guru is a cozy fine-dining restaurant, we had to use it for its website. As you can see in the pictures above, the main color tone was orangish & darkish, we chose to use these colors thorough the website. The main goal was to make it look cozy and fine-dining, a place that has its own magic in its appearance & foods.

Guru Website

Everybody likes to avoid any problems, so everybody makes reservations. We chose to make the reservation as obvious as possible. You can see it three places – at the top of the page, in the navigation menu, and on the bottom of the website. We know that people don’t really like to go on 3rd party websites to make a reservation, so we chose not to redirect customers on any other page by allowing making reservations from every page of the website.

Guru Website


Since SEO is a big topic nowadays and it’s really important, we focused on it. We optimized the website for the search engines and the result was the top 5 positions when googling for “Guru Restaurant”, “Guru Tallinn”. Guru’s website is also speed optimized and loads in 1.2s vs the average loading time of 10 seconds.

The Result

The result was a clean, elegant, and welcoming site that works for its locals and new potential customers. Today, 15% of the website visitors are coming from organic search channels, 23% direct, and 62% from social channels.

Guru Website
Guru Website
Guru Website
Guru Website

Social Media Marketing

COVID-19 struck us all, and restaurants were one of the ones who were damaged the most. Now having to compete with all the other restaurants in the area, they had to come out with a memorable and reachable campaign for its takeaway service. We joined the game, designed our social media ads to deliver them on the Facebook and Instagram platforms.

Guru Marketing

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