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Website Design & Development

Hips is a modern and hipsterish restaurant located in the T1 Shopping Center in Tallinn, Estonia. They approached us and told that they need a website, that would look and feel different than others. Having visited them before we knew how the restaurant feels, what food they offer, and why they’re different.

Now think about the name HIPS. What comes first into your mind? Hipster. HIPS is a restaurant with hipsterish interior with foods that you would like to share on social media with the hashtag #foodporn. To get it all together, we had to create a website, that would pack together their hipsterism, yet being a modern restaurant that offers “slow fast-food”.


The audience we chose to target was relatively young and happy people that come to visit HIPS because of its location, food, and looks. After looking into it, we managed to come up with a totally different layout for HIPS, that would be truly unique and feel new, with user-experience in mind. The website should be easy to use, targeted for customers who want to learn more about them, read reviews, and see the menu, backed up with tasty pictures of foods & restaurant.

HIPS Resto Wireframes


Being a hipsterish restaurant, we chose to go with the most hipsterish colors you can find out there.

HIPS Resto Palette

Food & Drink Menu

Since their food menu is incredibly big, we had to split it up into different sections. You want to see the appetizers menu? You see it. Interested in desserts? You select desserts. Drinks? You select and see drinks. As easy as it sounds.

HIPS Menu Image


Being a truly unique and hipsterish restaurant, you want to show out the visual aesthetics you worked hard for. Having such an interesting interior and understanding food photography, we needed to show the pictures on the website. For the ease of use for guests, we gave them the opportunity to choose from different photo categories. You want to see photos of food? You click on foods. Want to see pictures of the restaurant? You click on it. As easy as it sounds.

HIPS Menu Image

The Result

As a result, HIPS got themselves a truly unique and modern website that communicates perfectly with its target audience, displays everything that’s important for them. HIPS website is available to use in 3 languages and you can try to use their website on

HIPS Menu Image

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