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One Sixty


Website Design & Development, Photography

Digital rebirth for Tallinn's own true smokehouse built and ran by Michelin Star restaurateur. Expressing their unique dining spot in harmony with an outstanding culinary experience through a trendy, highly strategized website.

The idea of One Sixty started around four years ago in North London's Hampstead when Andrei Lesment, a Michelin Star restaurateur and top chef got an idea to create his own BBQ- and Smokehouse. The idea was brought to life in Tallinn, Estonia.

The restaurant isn't about sophisticated stuff, fancy glassware or white tablecloths. They are straightforward and simple, yet still concentrating on all around perfect dishes, robust drinks and lifestyle. One Sixty told us what they want – they want a refreshing look on their restaurant, make it digitally perfect, attract more customers and tell their story. In addition to this they wanted a quick and easy way for their customers to see daily menu, see upcoming events and make reservations. At the end, One Sixty got themselves a nice & fresh site that accomplished everything they had wanted and, as they told us, was really easy to use.


Having lots of information we started to compile them into user journeys. After thinking of it, we came up with a couple of website wireframes but decided to go with a a wireframe that consisted of next parts of the site: Landing Block, Daily Specials or Recommended, Restaurant's story, Menu, Team, Customer Reviews, Gallery, Event Housing, Location & Hours and Table Reservation. We came up with an ultimate restaurant website structure that would fit almost every restaurant and One Sixty is a nice example of it.

The most important part of the website was the landing block. It must be helpful for every user who lands on their site and it should catch the attention of the potential customer in less than 3 seconds. We accomplished it by having automatically changing images in the landing block, marketing message, 2 CTA buttons for better user conversion, language selectors to make it easier for tourists to navigate to English site, navigation menu, and quickly accessible opening times. Everything a customer would ever need to see on a restaurant site was easily accessible. Since One Sixty’s menu is straightforward and easy to understand, their site menu had to go along with it. We came up with as easy as possible menu on their site that is easy to understand for customers and easy to change for a One Sixty staff.

One Sixty Wireframes

Colors of One Sixty

Meat, Whiskey, and Beer. BBQ, Smokehouse, and cozy interior. Nothing to think about, we went with a darker color palette and contrast that symbolized burgers and sauce. Having thought of these keywords we came up with a color palette that was a perfect match for One Sixty.

One Sixty Color Palette

Design and Development

We went with big pictures on the website and confident color palette and striking marketing message to make visitors never forget about the place. When we presented our first round of design to One Sixty, they were totally satisfied with the design and agreed to stay on it without changing anything. One Sixty was satisfied with the deliverables and 2 weeks into using it they found no problems using and changing images, foods, etc on it.

As we don’t create websites on any platform, we had no problems getting our best and user-centered ideas into reality and we had no software limitations doing it. Spork Media developed an identical site to the presented design and delivered a guest-centered, fast, and trendy website that fulfilled all of their needs.

One Sixty Landing One Sixty Full Website


Even though One Sixty had amazing food pictures, we took photos of One Sixty showing the restaurant size and special event capabilities, as well as attention to the smallest details. The pictures can be seen on their site and across their social media.

One Sixty
One Sixty

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