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Located in both T1 and Rocca al Mare shopping centers, Pelm is a unique restaurant where guests can enjoy great food with a relaxing atmosphere and pleasant service between shopping. Pelm offers classic Russian and Uzbek home-made meals - a wide range of handmade dumplings and barbecue dishes made in an authentic charcoal oven. There, guests are enchanted by the same dishes their mother, their wife or grandmother make ...they are homely, delicious and served like in a restaurant!


To be visible and accessible on a weekly basis to both existing and potential customers, bringing the desire to (re) visit Pelm restaurant through useful, entertaining and attractive posts.


What we do

We create engaging and useful content to the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram about Pelm on a weekly basis – we show the restaurant's inner life (introduce chefs, waiters, restaurant interiors), share guests' experiences and listen to their thoughts, recommend dishes, give recommendations, make offers and of course share news. Our social media is the face of the restaurant – it is open, fun and professional, both in visuals and in writing.



Facebook page likes increased from 2539 (August 2020) to 3381 (February 2021).
Organic Instagram follower count increased from 677 (August 2020) to 926 (February 2021).

Instagram unique user reach increased by 267% to 25 219.
Facebook reach (since August 2020) 180 000 unique users (February 2020).


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